POLICY SOURCE: Graduate Policies - Supporting Information POLICY NO.: 7714
TITLE: Full Load Courses SUBMITTED BY: Liz Fox
DATE: April 07, 2017 APPROVED BY: Liz Fox

Full-Load Courses

A 3-hour registration for only these courses usually meets the Florida Tech full-time registration requirements for registrar, ISSS and financial aid purposes. Confirm with your advisor, ISSS and/or financial aid if only a 3-hour registration in one of these courses meets your needs. Also confirm that such registration meets the registration requirements of any other agency that may impose minimum registration requirements on students, such as car or health insurance companies, etc.

AHF 5999 Thesis Research
AVM 5199 Advanced Aviation Management Internship
AVM 5999 Thesis
AVS 5999 Thesis
AVS 6900 Research Practicum
AVS 6999 Dissertation
BEH 5025 Intensive Practicum in Professional Behavior Analysis
BEH 5026 Practicum in Professional Behavior Analysis
BEH 5250 Intensive Practical Training in Applied Behavior Analysis
BEH 5251 Intensive Practical Training in Behavior Analysis
BEH 5290 Capstone Project in Applied Behavior Analysis
BEH 5450 Intensive Practical Training in Organizational Behavior Management
BEH 5490 Capstone Project in Organizational Behavior Management
BEH 5999 Thesis
BEH 6999 Dissertation
BIO 5537 Applied Biotechnology
BIO 5995 Biological Research
BIO 5997 Industrial Internship
BIO 5999 Thesis
BIO 6999 Dissertation
BME 5999 Thesis
BME 6990 Research in Biomedical Engineering
BME 6999 Dissertation
BUS 5999 Thesis
CHE 5998 Graduate Project in Chemical Engineering
CHE 5999 Thesis
CHE 6990 Research in Chemical Engineering
CHE 6999 Dissertation in Chemical Engineering
CHM 5999 Thesis
CHM 6095 Chemical Research
CHM 6999 Dissertation
CIS 5999 Thesis
COM 5990 Design Project
COM 5999 Thesis
CSE 5999 Thesis
CSE 6990 Research in Computer Science
CSE 6999 Dissertation
CVE 5095 Special Projects in Civil Engineering
CVE 5999 Thesis Research
CVE 6991 Research in Civil Engineering
CVE 6999 Dissertation
ECE 5999 Thesis in Electrical or Computer Engineering
ECE 6999 Research and Dissertation in Electrical or Computer Engineering
EDS 5081 Research 1
EDS 5999 Thesis
EDS 6010 Research Practicum
EDS 6999 Dissertation - Science Education
ENM 5999 Thesis Research
ENS 5009 Internship
ENS 5999 Thesis Research
ENS 6993 Research in Environmental Science
ENS 6999 Dissertation in Environmental Science
HCD 5999 Thesis
HCD 6999 Dissertation in Human-Centered Design
MAE 5997 Independent Study
MAE 5999 Thesis
MAE 6999 Dissertation
MTH 5999 Thesis
MTH 6050 Research in Applied Mathematics
MTH 6999 Dissertation Research
OCE 5999 Thesis Research
OCE 6993 Research in OCE
OCE 6999 Dissertation Research
OCN 5996 Internship
OCN 5999 Thesis Research
OCN 6993 Research in Oceanography
OCN 6999 Dissertation Research
ORP 5999 Thesis Research
ORP 6095 Preparation for Candidacy/Operations Research
ORP 6999 Dissertation Research
PHY 5999 Thesis
PHY 6090 Research
PHY 6999 Dissertation
PSY 5496 Practicum in I/O Psychology
PSY 5595 Practicum
PSY 5999 Thesis
PSY 6585 Supervision and Consultation
PSY 6595 Internship
PSY 6998 Doctoral Research Project
PSY 6999 Dissertation
SPC 5080 Space Missions
SPC 5999 Thesis
SPS 5999 Thesis
SPS 6090 Research
SPS 6999 Dissertation
SWE 5999 Thesis
SYS 5999 Thesis
SYS 6999 Dissertation