POLICY SOURCE: Academic - Policies POLICY NO.: 5244
TITLE: Undergraduate Minor Programs SUBMITTED BY: Eric Kledzik
DATE: July 31, 2014 APPROVED BY: Liz Fox


Florida Tech offers minor programs in several areas of study. Colleges/departments may designate minors that require 18–21 credit hours of selected coursework, excluding the core courses COM 1101, COM 1102, HUM 2051 and one humanities (HUM) core course from the published list. The intent of the minor is to encourage and recognize focused study in a field outside the student’s major. Therefore, no more than nine credit hours applied to the minor may be named courses in the major. At least nine credit hours of the minor must be taken at the Melbourne campus (see below for the online minor offered to Florida Tech University Online students). A minor program GPA of at least 2.0 is required in order to receive recognition for the minor on the student’s diploma, and the minor is only awarded at the same time as the major. Additional restrictions may be placed by the college/department offering the minor.

Minors may be chosen from within or outside the student’s major college. Minors will be indicated on the student’s transcript and resulting diploma. Requests to pursue a minor will require approval of the minor program plan by both the major and minor program chairs. The request for a minor must be made before filing the petition to graduate and must be indicated on the petition.

Information about each minor program offered at Florida Tech may be found within the college/department section offering the minor.

Florida Tech University Online offers a minor in human resources management for its online students. All other minors are offered only in the classroom on the Melbourne campus.