POLICY SOURCE: Evans Library - Policies POLICY NO.: 6304
TITLE: Technology Lending SUBMITTED BY: Thomas Misilo
DATE: APPROVED BY: Sohair Wastawy

Technology Lending Policy

Evans Library provides a variety of technology items and equipment that are available for loan to current students, faculty and staff. The following conditions must be met:


Technology Equipment and Loan Information

Device Qty Specs Loan Period Late Fee

Approximate Replacement Cost per item

BeagleBone Black 2 element14 3 weeks $10/hr $70
Raspberry Pi 8 Model B+ 3 weeks $10/hr $90

RedBoard Arduino Kits

8 Slightly Modified Arduino Uno 3 weeks $10/hr $120

Wacom Graphing Tablet 

1 Pen Tablet, Intuos Pro Professional 72-hour $10/hr $500 
Video Camera 1

Panasonic HC-V770 w/32 GB SD card

48-hour $10/hr $500
Digital Camera 1

Canon PowerShot SX150 IS. Tripods also available

48-hour  $10/hr  $250 
Gimbal Stabilizer  1

Lanparte HHG-01 Handheld  3-axis

48-hour $10/hr $320
Digital USB Microphone 1 Telex M-560 48-hour $10/hr $75
Simple VR Google Goggles 5 VR 3D Goggles for smartphones 24-hour  $10/day $30 
USB DVD Writer 1 Samsung SE-S084 24-hour $10/hr $100
Video Projector 3 AAXA MP-300-02 LED Showtime 3D Pico/Micro  24-hour  $10/hr   $555 
Graphing Calculator 7 TI-89 Titanium (5); TI-84 Plus Silver Ed (2) 24-hour $10/hr $200
Financial Calculator 1 TI- BA II Plus 24-hour $10/day $45
Multiview Calculator 3 TI-30XS 24-hour $10/day


Scientific Calculator 6 Casio FX-115ES Plus 24-hour $10/day


Laser Pointer / Presentation Mouse  4 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote Control Laser Pointer


$10/day $10
Laptop Computer 4 Dell


$10/hr $1000
Laptop Computer 5 Dell, Lenovo

4-hour, in library only

$10/hr $1000
iPad   6 Retina Display 4-hour, in library only  $10/hr $600
USB Phone Charger 10

iPhone/Android/Type C with power blocks 

4-hour, in library only  $1/hr  $6.50
Multitool Adaptor 1 Lifetrons Lightning Edition for iOS 4-hour $1/hr  $100 
Touch Screen Stylus 6 Universal Capacitive 4-hour, in library only $1/hr $10
Headphones 7 Califone 3068AV 4-hour, in library only $1/hr $25
Macbook HDMI Adapter 6 MacBook Mini Display to HDMI adapter 4-hour, in library only $1/hr $10
MacBook Power Brick Power adaptor for Apple MacBook  24-hour  $1/hr  $10 
Power Adaptor 3 European and Universal 4-hour, in library only $1/hr  $25 
Conferencing Speakerphone  Jabra Speak 510 for PC  2-hour, in library only  $1/hr  $200 

For questions about our Technology Lending Policy, please contact the iDesk at 321-674-8086.